Its offerings will empower Opthal hospitals to improve operational efficiency, lower expenses, and drive innovations.

Mumbai: KareXpert, the Jio-backed, SaaS-based digital healthcare platform has now added a pre-integrated Ophthalmology solution also enabling 5000+ Hospital Eye Hospital of India. This is a tailor-made platform to streamline the end to end Ophthalmology starting from Eye examination, Eye testing, Opthal e-Prescription, Eye surgeries with Counselling, complex OT facilities, patient daycare, optical store, discharge and follow up appointments. Such centers can now access KareXpert’s SaaS-based, Cloud-native, Mobile-ready, and AI-ready platform bringing 10x Patient experience and Coordinated care with EMR/EHR . The company has already deployed these extensive solutions with leading eye-care Mahindra group hospitals like Center For Sight (Chain of Eye Hospitals across India) and intends to onboard major Eye hospitals chain of India in the next 12months. 

Opthal hospitals operate with specific medical templates to screen and store customer data. As they are based on parameters like name, age, eye records, etc., many hospitals look to customize such templates, which add to their overall cost. KareXpert understands the essence and provides in-house customized templates (part of its EMR & EHR software) to its customers at affordable cost. As it’s a ready-made opthal solution, the Hospitals can instantly get the implementation done instead of waiting for six months or so. The software also comes equipped with an insurance e-Claim and TPA module, which helps in the faster processing of claims. It even enables hospitals to create efficient and unified workflows during a patient’s visit, ensuring timely delivery and the highest quality of care. 

Speaking on the development, Nidhi Jain, Founder and CEO of KareXpert, said, “We are proud to offer our integrated, advanced, and cloud-based opthal solutions to renowned eye-care centers across the country. They will now be able to efficiently manage their operations with almost a single-click login along with a quick display of transactions and patient engagement activities from any location, any time. Our solutions will also help eye-care hospitals achieve hyper coordinated workflow, hyper-collaboration within operations, and seamless patient engagement.”

Dr. Mahipal Sachdev, Founder, Centre for Sight further talking about the digital transformation says, “In the age of technological advancements, numerous sectors have gone 'digital' to streamline their operations and offer customer-centric solutions. Similarly, the healthcare industry should also hop on the 'digital' wagon to make the experience seamless and comfortable for the patients.”

KareXpert has emerged as the faithful partner for hospitals with its single-platform, SaaS-based approach, helping facilitate hyper-collaboration among multiple stakeholders with minimal human intervention required in tasks around data capturing, patient onboarding, and data storing.

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