Actors have always been criticized for endorsing products without realizing the impact of the ingredients as well as the formulation of it on consumers. But there is an entire breed of Bollywood stars who understand the responsibility that accompany their public persona and have been responsible while picking their endorsements. 

Kriti Sanon who recently collaborated with RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group to launch ‘Naturali’ - a new age nature inspired personal care brand highlighted that “Before I collaborate with any brand or product, I always use it for a few days to be sure of what I’m promoting.”

She added, “Our fans look up to us hence, it becomes our responsibility to be sure of what we are endorsing. Naturali hair care range is infused with modern, trendy natural ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals. I have always been an ardent supporter of the ‘no nasties’ proposition when it comes to my haircare needs, hence this association came very naturally to me”

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